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Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
Yes BMW states that the distribution is 52.2/47.8% for the sedan, but that is for a fully loaded/optioned vehicle. Now, take for example my car which has no DCT, no sunroof, no NAV/iDrive, no EDC, no heated seats, enhanced audio, plus no fold down rear seats, and all but the fold down seats weight savings is coming from the front half of the vehicle. I am willing to bet that in a this type of optioned M3, the distribution would be closer to 50/50.

Most of equipment you listed are well behind the front axle which pretty much brings down the weight almost same ratio front and rear.
I have corner weighted many cars and tried to adjust it.
Moving around or taking out small equipments like you listed have almost no changes on weight distribution.
Only thing that it can make significant difference is something NOT between front and rear axle.

It's TOUGH to move about 75lb(about 2%) to rear axle which takes WAY more actual weight to transfer that much to rear.
Remember front and rear ARE connected.