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Originally Posted by ecksreturns View Post
I'll be going with 380mm(max available) for all four brakes.

Now this confuses me even more. What offsets and tire dimensions are you riding on?

I did not mention upgrading from a 30 to 35 series at all. I meant that I wanted to hang on to the 30 series tire wall , if possible, so as to stick with the present ride quality.
So if I want to run a 295 width, I would have to run it with 25 wall to avoid rubbing, and not a 30?
I was just using that sidewall comparison as an example.

I understand that you want to increase your ride quality, but you cannot do this when the clearance is not available.

The 30 sidewall puts you over the limit and you will rub. (27.2" tall)

The 25 series sidewall (26.1") is the right size if you don't want to rub.

Like I said before there are fitment gaps, and sometimes you have to pick a tire size that has the least number of compromises.

There are limits to what you can and cannot do with aftermarket tire sizing.

That's just the way it works.
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