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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
yeah didn't see that my bad. so you are gonna have a 385mm on the rear or just the front?? that will be badass. the stock has 380mm up front and 350mm rear right?? what will the new sizes be front and rear??

good luck
I'll be going with 380mm(max available) for all four brakes.

Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
My car is slammed on KW V3's and I'm running Pirelli 305's in the back with HRE P40's and there is absolutely no rubbing at all.
Now this confuses me even more. What offsets and tire dimensions are you riding on?

Originally Posted by Lemans_Blue_M View Post
The majority of the problems associated with 305's rubbing, are frankly due to poor offset choices made by many multi-piece wheel manufacturers. Yes, it's a huge tire. And it's not one I would ever choose myself. (it makes little sense to me personally)

But this was the size you wanted, so I offered you the best tire size available in a 305 rear.

Many times, the offset of the wheels are usually driven by the size of the lip tsome wheel brands are trying to achieve. That is why the wheel ends up slightly askew from it's ideal position in the wheel well. (but that's separate issue for another time)

When you put such a large tire on a car like the M3, their will certainly be a penalty in regards to performance. I see that you are now second guessing your initial decision to go that wide.

It's good that you have decided to re-examine this NOW...before you end up with a set of tires you didn't really want.

If you want something slightly smaller than the 305's, I would recommend a 295/25/20 tire as an alternative. This size will not rub anywhere if you get the wheels in the offsets I recommended earlier.

The 245/30/20's are a littler smaller as far as tire diameter is concerned, but the section width of that size does not offer you much rim protection against curbing.

Tire sizing is an art, and many times, there is going to be some type of compromise made. (somewhere) When you go away from the stock tires sizes, there are fitment 'gaps' that will force you to choose one path vs. another. (to bridge this gap)

BTW: You seem to think tire sidewall aspect ratios are an 'option' you have to improve the ride quality of the car. You cannot do this if you don't have the fender or inner wheel liner clearance to make that change. You cannot simply upsize the sidewall from a 30 series to a 35 series at will. That will increase the diameter of the tire, and this will lead to rubbing issues.

You cannot always have a perfect result, and it's important that everyone understands this basic truth.

I did not mention upgrading from a 30 to 35 series at all. I meant that I wanted to hang on to the 30 series tire wall , if possible, so as to stick with the present ride quality.
So if I want to run a 295 width, I would have to run it with 25 wall to avoid rubbing, and not a 30?
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