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Originally Posted by EliteM3 View Post
Is there really nobody out there with a similar problem?

I just received a replacement iPhone from Apple as we both thought this could be hardware related since full resets and restores did nothing. The problem remains.

Phone pairs with the car just fine, but every 30-40 seconds, it looses connection (both car can't see the phone and phone can't see the car), then reconnectes for another 30-40 seconds.

I've had similar problems with my 08 M3. But it wasn't limited to just the iPhone..I've had the same problem w/Androids, BBerries, etc. Mine never made any weird noises, but would constantly drop calls back to the handset and sometimes would re-pair mid-call. I had the dealer look at it, but they came up with nothing, other than rebooting it (disconnecting the car's battery). I did the same thing myself a few months later after it started acting up again and that helped for a while. But, it's doing it again now. Actually, I can't even get it to pair at all. I go into the pairing menu and get nothing. It's strange. There is also a setting in my CCC iDrive where you can supposedly check and uncheck the bluetooth box, but when I go in there I can't un-check it. It won't accept any commands from the iDrive controller. Very strange...

I'm about to disconnect the battery again and see if that frees it up again.

My mic also picks up a ton of road noise (when the thing is actually working). I haven't found much info yet (you may have seen my post from yesterday on this topic). I've heard you can replace the factory a "762" noise suppressing mic (which I think the car came with BTW), but haven't gone there yet. If anyone has info on this, please share.