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Originally Posted by M_Power_Fan View Post
i think that - in today's cars and today's technology - a manual gearbox doesnt make sense at all.

But why though? The 6MT in my 135 works great. Just because newer technology like the DCT exists, doesn't mean we have to accept it as our only option (it seems that manufacturers would prefer that we do though) I'll agree that shifting with paddles of a DCT while on a track will be quicker and more consistent, it still doesn't offer the same engagement or enjoyment that some of us still prefer with a traditional manual.

There is also the added complexity of a DCT vs a traditional manual and the long term reliability of a DCT is unknown at this point. I've read various stories of some DCTs refusing to shift out of park or use all of the available gears. Those are problems you won't typically encounter with a traditional manual. With everything from steering, to brakes, to throttle, to the transmission going to drive-by-wire these days, a traditional manual still offers the safety of cutting power to the wheels by disengaging the clutch.
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