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I am very surprised, rather stunned, to hear that yours is only the second tranny replacement in the US. I've certainly read at least one other poster that had the tranny replaced after several complaints.

I join the other members that are very capable manual drivers that have issues with the M3. My E36 M3 was a manual and I've had manuals for over 30 years. My '64 VW Bug had a better shift. The 997 could be stiff going into 2nd when it is cold, but you never feel a grind of the gears. I admit that after 4000 miles, it has lessened. And I find that if you shift over 4k, the chance decreases. If I shift below that, I have an issue almost every time. Every other gear is fine, but 2nd is just a problem. Even as this gets better, this is a very disappointing issue.

Oh, personally, I've never done a shift at redline from 1st to 2nd. Given the way it shifts, I'm not eager to really hammer the syncros.
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