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Originally Posted by Canuckistan
I'm not nearly as technically savvy as the
gentlemen in this discussion, but I would like to point out that
AA redlines their SC cars at <8100 rpm, while ESS keeps theirs at
8400 rpm and some of the guys on here have custom ESS software
that raises their redline to 8700 rpm and higher. Since the S65
engine horsepower delivery keeps climbing at the top end to
redline, it is only logical that the higher redline ESS set-ups
would show higher dyno results. But because in the real world that
extra bit of redline is rarely used - and beceuse the AA kits seem
to have a higher torque curve - the AA cars match up well with
their ESS counterparts at the track/strip.
I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding here. Let me see
if I can help out. There's a difference between the RPM where a
motor makes Max Power and where it has its redline. AA does not
reduce the redline to 8000 RPMs, but ESS does increase the redline
to 8600 RPMs. That doesn't mean it's custom software or that
anybody is running custom tunes, or that the increased redline
yields more power (it doesn't). All of the dyno results I'm about
to show you run factory tunes from ESS and AA. Even though ESS
raised the redline to 8600 RPMs, you will see that all of the cars
make max power below the normal 8400 RPM redline. That means that
an incresed redline does not increase the power for any of these
cars. The reason AA makes max power so much lower than ESS is
because the HKS blower is being over driven far above it's maximum
efficiency. Basically, the HKS blower is maxed out...and then
some. So it simply can't make power past a certain point -- 8400
RPM redline or not.

The following dyno chart should help demonstrate this. There's
three ESS cars and two AA cars -- all on indepdenant dynos (no
vendor dynos). All of these files are available in the Dyno
Database for you to download yourself and make the same comparison
if you wish (or a rebuttal comparison if you wish). The five cars
are as follows:

1. ESS VT2-625. Owner: M33. MaxHP=594@8325 RPM. Dyno
redline=8400 RPMs.
2. AA Stage-2+. Owner: Akh23456. MaxHP=501@7810 RPM. Dyno
redline=8265 RPMs.
3. ESS VT2-625. Owner: DLSJ5. MaxHP=586@8338 RPM. Dyno
redline=8410 RPMs.
4. ESS VT1-535. Owner: Albert. MaxHP=472@8335 RPM. Dyno
redline=8424 RPMs.
5. AA Stage-2+. Owner: Darwin. MaxHP=461@7735 RPM. Dyno
redline=8265 RPMs.