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I autoxed my E90 for the first time on Saturday. I had a blast but definitely have a learning curve coming out of an STR Miata. With time I'll get used to more power and weight.

Power oversteer at will is nice for a change. The biggest thing I need to figure out is the massive understeer I experienced (to the point I had chatter coming from the front tires). I think there were three contributing factors:

1) Old PS2s - I probably ran incorrect pressures too.
2) Dinan bar set to full stiff (I'm thinking this was too stiff for the PS2s, and should hopefully improve with a better tire in a couple months. I may try the middle setting. I also did not disconnect the bar and reconnect once on the ground to remove preload, as not having a 4 post lift or ramps makes this particularly difficult.
3) The final contributing factor is my bad habit of driving too deep into a corner and not giving it up enough early enough. This hurts more than it did in the Miata due to the extra weight. I'm working on it...


Otherwise I had a blast and can't wait to hit it again soon!