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Originally Posted by graider View Post
best driver car is really a very subjective preference. Like an old grandpa would think the jag is the best driver car (not talking about footie, lol). Then a young 30 years old guy would think the hard core gt3 is the best driver car. then somewhere the guy at 50 in his mid life crisis would think the cayman with it softer ride and well behave on the track which doesn't cause heart attack is the best driver car and he just leave the pdk in auto most of the time on the track cause it shifts better than he does, exactly like this tester.

i bet another tester would have a completely different ranking. but I'm sure lot of buyer would jump on these cars based on this mag ranking.
As for the PDK, man you just can imagine how much better it is the M-DCT. The thing judges the right gear as good as I would and until they fix those awful buttons for changing gears I would also leave it in D on the track. In fact it BMW had produced their gearbox to the standard of the PDK I bet I would still be driving the M3 and loving every moment.

On the subject of this post I think Autocar and EVO do the whole 'Driver's Car of the Year' thing better than most and the reason for that is because usually several testers score the cars each and then each is totaled up in combination with their lap times.

Here's Autocar's Winner plus the cars it was compared to

BTW is was the new Lotus Evora that won, with the Aston Martin V12 Vantage second.

EVO ran an article on the best Driver's Car Ever and my wee Lotus Elan got into the top ten (I think it actually ended up 5th or 6th) which just shows how gifted Colin Chapman was all those. My wee Elan might explain why I prefer the Cayman much more than the 997 because it too is so easy to drive, a really joy in fact though it's been in storage for the last few years awaiting a restore job (when I get round to it).


Hold off with the Grandpa comments when mentioning Jags , only joking.

I just collected it today (approx 3 hrs ago) and it's a revelation, the thing oozes quality, especially the Portfolio model that no BMW can, not even the seven series and it's so quiet, I mean ultra quiet and refined. Will post photos later as it's pissing down here at the moment.

Go to collect the wife's new GTI tomorrow so hopefully she will be as happy then too.