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Originally Posted by graider View Post
best driver car is really a very subjective preference...
Absolutely, and, in my opinion, this is why BMWs are held in such high regard by so many "sporty" drivers of whatever age bracket. As I've mentioned before, my belief is that there are two areas in which BMWs (nearly all BMWs) excel.

The first is the ride/handling compromise, and I feel that BMW consistently does a better job in this regard than anyone else. For any given level of handling prowess, competency and "feel", a BMW has a more creamy and comfortable ride - and this is pretty much appealing to everyone, even the hard core types.

The second (and the ride/handling compromise is critical here) is that at any given price point and intended usage, BMW makes the best back-road bandits. They tend to have long, well-controlled suspension travel, so the typical bumps, frost heaves and badly repaired potholes simply have no effect. You just serenely motor on. Cars that are quicker on smooth roads (Vettes, for instance) stand no chance on a typical less-than-perfect back road.

These two attributes have extremely broad appeal, hence the wide popularity amongst users and the press.