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Originally Posted by fireline43 View Post
I was opposed to legalizing but gave up cause of all the whining. I think pot smokers look stupid, and know it all's, and i just want them to shut up already.
Why do they look like stupid know it alls? I would much rather deal with a pothead than a drunkard.

It will eventually be legalized, and more and more americans are becoming in favor of it, not necessarily because they even care about smoking, but because it should be your right to do what you want to your own body in the comfort of your own home. Just like it's your right to own a gun, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and get cancer, and eat yourself to death with fast food, as long as it doesn't infringe on others' rights.

We do not need to become a nanny state like Britain (sorry, chaps). Even though it's slow to get the ball rolling, just like it was with alcohol prohibition back in the day, I have no doubt that it will eventually be legalized and recognized as a personal right, even if it takes much longer than many "stoners" hope it will.

Also, that insanity quote did not originate with Einstein. Over the years it has been attributed to him, Chinese proverbs, and other sources. It actually originated with Alcoholics Anonymous lol. I don't believe it applies to this because things do change. 20 years ago, would you have believed that even states governments would have allowed medical, or even decriminalized marijuana?

Just my take. I did my fair share of drugs in college and don't really partake any more. But I think it's your own damn business what you do on the weekends.

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