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Originally Posted by TMANN View Post
Not defending anyone, but honestly I've had mixed experiences with most garages that I've dealt with here in PNW and when I lived in PHL. The good ones kept my business because they made it right, whatever the failure was. Even when I've had great experiences at a garage, I hear an opposite story or see a bad review posted in a forum. Bottom line is that people make mistakes, even at the dealers.
FWIW, I was at 22RPD earlier this year, Zack tuned the original S50 (NA) in my E36 which had a very old Turner/Conforti tune. He squeezed out another 22hp (corrected) and the car is still running great on track. I talked to him recently about my E92 (NA), he didn't sound enthused to do it, now I think I know why. Good for him to recognize limitations. BTW, the reason I need help with the E92 is because the BPM Sport tune is not doing well. Ironic huh? Mike at BPM has been responsive mostly, so I think it will eventually get sorted.

Honestly numbers will vary between dyno machines. I believe this is where youre seeing the difference in HP. Could be wrong though. I have been searching around the forums and have seen stock dyno numbers as low as 318. Let me know what you come up with!