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Originally Posted by footie View Post
If this was purely about which was quicker from A to B then the choice would be easy, GTR without question. But we know there is more to living with a car than just that and then practicality has to come into play, which really should rule the R8 out and hand the win to the M3.

But as this question is being asked on a car enthusiasts site then driver enjoyment and looks have to be as important as the other two, maybe even more so. On looks alone the R8 is a class act, better in some people's opinion than most other supercars never mind a pimped up coupe and a rice racer. Then we come to the driver enjoyment and here again the R8 leads to way, it's steering feel is vastly better than the other two, the interior design also adds to the experience and then there's the lower seating position, all adding to the sense of drama and excitement.

No question the M3 engine is the best both in note and throttle adjust-ability, it's not only quick but with it's rwd chassis there is more fun to be had than being quickly and it's the most practical allowing more people to enjoy in the fun.

For me, if the money is taken out of the equation then the order would be easy.

R8 followed by M3 and last GTR.

But if money is important meaning no second car then the order would be

M3 followed by GTR and then R8.

I personally would never place the GTR first, it's too extreme for me.
I like your points. However, I am not convinced the GTR is less practical than the M3. Interior room is a concern but neither have vasts amount of rear seat space. Out of the group the GTR's gas mileage is actually pretty good. The AWD in the GTR will come in handy on slick roads where the M3 will struggle for grip. The M3 has a more comfortable suspension setup, at least in the UK. US spec GTR's will have a better ride apparently. Nissan service costs are far cheaper than BMW's. However, I am not sure am not sure if Nissan will charge more to work on GTR's or if their is a maintenace plan like Audi and BMW. In my mind its kindof a toss up praticality wise between the M3 and GTR.

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