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Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
OK show me the receipt from USPS with my zip code that says $300 for Parcel because you sure had the shipping prices lock down. As a matter of facts I will take the measurements and weight of each box and then go to USPS and calculate shipping from your address to mine and post them on here just to prove to you and the forum community how much USPS actually charges. no matter what you say you know that you over charged me for shipping but yeah you didn't coerced me into buying the wheels you told me were in stock and it took 2 weeks to be shipped and shipped the cheapest way for your company to make more money out of me. Yes every possible chance I get to influence a member not to buy from this company and getting taken advantage of I will do that. I will encourage them not to buy from you period and let them know of my horrible experience with you and this company.
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Assuming calculation on one wheel at 25+ lbs w/ insurance
You'll need to multiply by 4 since the quote is only one wheel.
300, reasonable or overcharging? Not sure but the pics speaks for itself.
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