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We at no time have ever taken advantage of any customer.

Look back at the email communication we had, we Never represented that we would ship Priority USPS. Would you agree? Would you also agree we Never coerced you to pay for the wheel set and shipping charges.
Please don't misrepresent PYSpeed's integrity.

A company has the right to charge any amount for any item. We choose to provide people very low prices on all of our products and this is just one of the reasons why people have purchased multiple items from us. It is the consumer that has to make the decision to purchase the item or service. And you sir had decided to make the purchase and gave us permission to charge your credit card for the amount agreed. The invoice and all email correspondence can be pasted here if you would like.
Our goal is to provide all our customers an enjoyable experience. We are always looking to improve. We would like your input on ways we can improve our customer service. Please let us know.