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Went on my first car run yesterday.....

and I'm not really sure how I liked it! Those of you that know me, know I'm not an overly aggressive driver. However, my worst fears were confirmed yesterday. The drive was over 250 miles encompassing windy mountain roads with some good straight aways. There were about 10 cars and I was about the 6th in the line up. Before I knew it, the cars behind me were passing me out even though I was going 90-100 mph. They were passing out anyone who drove any slower that was in front of them. Turns out they were cruising at 120-140 mph. I call bull sh-t on that and I was upset as we were not the only cars on the road. They all knew my concerns and begged me to come along. One guy actually left early as he almost lost it going around one of the curves and really got scared.

One of the guys was super nice and understood I had never driven my car that fast and on those kind of roads, and he hung back with me. My question this how most runs are? I found it to be very stressful and not much fun. I also found it rude that some of the guys involved kept teasing me over lunch and telling me they wanted to see some M3 muscle. (I had the onlyM3 in the group) To which I replied that I refuse to drive outside of my comfort zone, and they knew that going in. With that being said, I wasn't driving like a Grandma either.

There is another run coming up next month, and I really don't know if I'll go or not. So, it all just got me wondering if this is what most runs are like?

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