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Fitness Guru's Chime In Please - Help Needed

Prerequisite Info:I am currently around 160lbs and am 5'7. This is the heaviest I've been in my entire life.

Goal: to reach about 145lbs again, like I was 6 months ago.

Situation: Due to my stupidity, for the past 3 months I only worked on my arms. Although I have made improvements in muscle and size, I have of course neglected my other muscles.

Now since I started I have GAINED weight. does this make sense? I used to be about 150lbs before I Started and until the past 4 weeks was 165lbs. Just this past 4 weeks did i realized that I have not really done any good by using the "some sort of weights/excercise is better than none" mentality and have implemented cardio (treadmill), simple toning exercises and such whilst massively reducing the amount of weights I do (arms).

What exercises do you guys recommend that I can do from home?

Now to make this even more interesting, I will be going through a major operation on my ear in exactly a month. After the operation I will not be able to do shit all for at least a few months when it comes to physical exercise. Hell jogging itself will be hard for me a couple months after the surgery.

Will this complete stop in exercise have a huge negative impact on my body? I presume my current muscles will go into atrophy but can that cause my body to store fat? Any other recommendations to speed up weight loss before my surgery?