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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I used to drive my 911 in the winter and it worked great as long as there was less than 8cms of snow.The lack of ground clearance is the main reason that I drive a truck in the winter and not the M.I just cannot do that to a car that I like!My wifes 335 scrapes all the way in from the main road if there is any signifigent snowfall and it does not have any airdams or side skirts.
Sounds like you have had a nice stable of toys!! Trucks, cars, bikes, sleds....
Yeah, clearance is the real issue. Thankfully for the most part the roads around the GTA are clear. Since the Wife doesnt like to drive on snow days, that leaves her SUV to me so I havent had to deal with that personally.

Originally Posted by bobbyz View Post

No reason to not drive a 911 in the winter. Porsches are made for German winters. In fact, Porsche was the first manufacturer to galvanize all metal body parts.

I had a 1994 968 that I drove year round with winter tires...the most stable and predictable car I had ever driven.

To me the M3 and 911's are the ultimate year round sports cars.

I just see the Ferrari as being more precious and delicate.

On a side note...just got a car wash...she's jet black again...for tonight anyway.
I agree, I would probably drive a 911 in the winter as well. Maybe not a GT2 or GT3 (especially on a snow day).
Ferrari's have enough mechanical issues during good weather, forget winter!