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Originally Posted by PKumarM3 View Post
He should have recruited players to come play in Cleveland, sort of how he did to come to Miami. He spoke too much how he was going to bring a championship to cleveland and how he had embraced his home town and the idea of bringing them from nothing, but he turned around on all those ideas - which in essence turned on an entire city - starved for winning.

Management could not get anyone via free agency when they did not have Lebron himself coming in and vouching for the team. The 3 year deal he signed gave potential players no desire or guarantee that he would be there if they signed a long term deal. They tried their best with trades, but unfortunately got a group of second tier players - like they have this year.
Obviously you don't know anything about how things work in NBA. There are things called "Salary Cap", "Lux tax", "Trade", "Endorsement deals"... None of these are decided by players.

If the management does not want to spend money, there is nothing players can do.

If management spent money on stupid players, it is not players' fault.

If management makes stupid mistakes like Knicks have done since P Ewing left, it is not players's fault.

If it is a small city with no potential of additional income like Cleveland, it is not players' fault.

If the climate sucks like most of Northern States, it is not players' fault.

Should keep going more????