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Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post
What do you not like about the 70?
Inconsistant photo quality. Color and saturation from one pic to the next isnt even. This is when taking the same photo of a subject 2-3 times in a row. Slow AF speed. Annoying situation when the flash wants to pop up in the daytime and then it takes about 5 seconds to finally take the shot.

Originally Posted by Gripster View Post
While a new camera will offset the boredom, the real cause is often lack of interesting subject matter or inspiration.
Maybe boredom is the wrong answer, sorta. Im always finding good subject matter and most of the time its being used for car shots. I just like to upgrade my goodies when I can.

Ive had Nikon since birth and I still have my dads F3 he gave me almost 20 yrs ago to start on. One time I had a momentary lapse of reason and got a minolta. Then I got an F4S and moved to the digital world in the D70. Everyone is telling me that Canon "owns all" but it seems that Nikon is making great strides and theres a lot of commotion about the D300 coming out. Unfortunately I think that might be out of my current price range though. Thats why I was looking into the Canon 40D. Its been getting rave reviews also. When compared against the Nikon D80 it seems to be bettering it.
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