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Originally Posted by US///M3 View Post
It seems to me that the SC wasn't installed right in the first place and you were reluctant to follow the good advice on how to fix the problem instead relied on your local guys. You had a boost leak to begin with that your guys overlooked.
Nobody wants to take responsability for their actions anymore.if you had a lil integrity you would've apologized to ESS for tryin to portray their support as poor.
Originally Posted by prodigymb View Post
I have been in touch with AJ, Hans and Roman from ESS. AJ has been very helpful in troubleshooting guidance but we just cant seem to find the problem. Week into it I gave up and took the car to VAC Motorsports who's a premier BMW show on East coast. They had the car for 2 weeks and couldnt find the problem. Here is a list of things they did...
quote from my first post. reading comprehension ??

funny fact for you: if the kit wasnt isntalled properly how is this currently the fastest and the only 6spd E92 in 11s ?? record has been standing for 7 months now.

AJ@ESS support was as good as it can get over email.

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