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Originally Posted by Gearcraft View Post
i really suck at jets and choppers at BF3. i was ok with choppers for BFBC2.

what's frustrating is that i get shot down and locked on at launch and i cant even get points towards unlocking the flares for the jet.

any tips for a flight noob like me?

also if anyone have key bindings that are efficient and quick post them up here.

here's mine (maybe it will help others.. or not... would be interesting to see how others play):

sprint- mouse 3 thumb button of g9x
map- mouse 4 thumb button of g9x
prone/crouch toggle hold- lshift
laser- RMB same as zoom to turn it on only when i zoom
Jets flying tip, Use the "slow down" button, its L2 on PS3.

Also use your afterburner to take off, its almost 2x quicker.