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Originally Posted by adrianBMW99 View Post
Before settling on my 335i, I drove these:

2011 Mustang GT 5.0 - Horrible interior and quality, way to big for a sports car and does not feel fast at all until you rev the crap out of it.

2010 Infiniti G37s - Worst steering feel of almost any car I have ever driven, way too loose and lacking feedback to the driver - this is not what a proper sports car should drive like. Once, again, it felt slow due to the lack of low end torque.

2010 Evo X GSR - Best Handler of the class, amazing aftermarket for parts and tunes, not particularly fast stock (AWD has a lot to do with this) and fantastic steering feel. Sucked for every day practicality.

2010 Benz C350 - Great car overall, a little on the slow side but in terms of the whole package, I thought it was about as close to the 335i as you can get in terms of ride and steering feel.

2010 IS350 - Great car as well; however, not quite a 3 series. This is particularly seen when taking corners fast. In addition, Lexus has some of the worst lease deals ever but reliability is a major plus.

All in all, the 3 series was the best combination of everything I was looking for, there is no sacrifice in anything, be it luxury, power, handling or class, this vehicle outshined the rest by a wide margin I though I could sacrifice luxury for more power; i.e. Mustang instead of BMW or sacrifice practicality for raw performance Evo instead of BMW, I was greatly mistaken!
Something was wrong with the G37 you drove if it had "the worst steering feel of any car" you ever drove. The G37's steering feel is second only to the 3-series in its segment IMO.

And you must have driven a V6 Mustang with the base interior because the upgraded interior is very nice and the 5.0 GT is as fast as an M3....
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