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Just got back from the tough mudder las vegas and it was pretty cool. I will say that the electric shock sucked hard and I mean really hard!! Below is a few tips that I would suggest to anyone based on my run.

1. You are going to be getting wet/muddy a lot. Wear some sort of compression short under a pair of board shorts. This way the board shorts dry fast and dont get weighed down. I wore some nike compression shorts under a pair of rip curl board shorts. I wore a nike pro short worked great. never any issues as far as wet or weighing me down.

2. have a zip up pocket in your shorts if possible. In that pocket I had a zip lock bag with a aleve and a small yube of lip balm. halfway through the race at one of "MANY" break areas I took the aleve and it pulled me through the race without any pain whatsoever.

3. I would highly recommend wearing some sort of minimalist shoe with a blister fee sock. If you wear a basic tennis shoe or running shoe it is going to get bogged down with mudd and get really really heavy and there is a ton of running so its going to suck. blister free socks are prob the most important bc if you get a blister your done out there. I would highly recommend a mid calf sock. I wore a ankle sock and i had a few pebbles get in my shoe but didn't stress it. shoes I wore were the new balance Minimus 10v2 Trail they were awesome and the wetter they got the grippier they got. loved these shoes in this race. I ran the whole race never walked and had no pain.

4. gloves. I wore gloves (footjoy rain gloves) and they worked great. I only took them off one time and that was for the monkey bars. They really helped me out getting over various walls etc.. without having to worry about messing up my hands.

5.50/50 on some sort of knee cover or elbow cover. I kinda of wish I could have some sort of knee protection and elbow protection but I think you would look like a tool if you actually rocked knee pads or elbow pads so just be ready for sore elbows and knees from all the crawling on the rocks etc..

if anyone has any other questions on the tough mudder let me know! good luck on your race!!

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