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Originally Posted by graider View Post
is the GTR a supercar? fwck yea.

i think you guys mixup exotic and supercar.

bear with me. price cannot be used to define supercar. would you call a 200k bentley or 1 mil roll a supercar? i don't think so. they are expensive, but don't handle like a supercar.

so this leave the supercar criteria to performance, exclusivity, rarity, terror and respect. GTR performance is mind bogging (faster than pretty much most supercar out there, exclusive, and rare. in fact i think the GTR is more supercar than a 911 turbo or z06 because while the turbo/z06 is a soup up version of the regular 911 and vette that are everywhere, the GTR is an exclusive model on it own and when you see it on the street, you know it is a GTR. there is no mistaking it for another model from Nissan. terror/respect = GTR is godzilla for a reason.

do i think the m3 a supercar? NO. 3 series are everywhere and m3 not even close to GTR performance.
Good point on the exotic/supercar comparison. I may have to jump ship and consider the GTR a supercar after all. I know everyone will sleep well now that I have said that.