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Originally Posted by txusa03 View Post
Not just on call but this world is saturated with Oracle's DBA to the point where Oracle DBA are constantly certified on the lastest release to stay competitive. You need to keep up with Oracle's latest releases and be certified to get that high end salary. And Oracle come out with lots of releases (they're on 11g now).

This is only my personal observation.
That's almost like anything in the field though eh? Tons of competition and many people with MS certificates for example. I'd probably try to get a few choice certificates, but I don't think I'd overdo it. Experience is valued over having a certificate without experience to back it up on the resume.

As it is right now, studying for my M.S., I won't have time to get any certificates... by the time I'm done they'll have new certificates to get I barely have time to go to the gym... I'm paying "fat tax" by not going

Anyway I submitted the assignment. I'm a little bummed out about it but I tried as much as I could. It's not that I didn't know how to code it, but we sort of eye-balled the PRISM classification in class from the book, and that was easy, but the psedo-code and its implementation seems to be somewhat different and it made me question the appropriate logic... unfortunately I have no one to ask about it. I'm taking classes online and for some dumb reason we don't get a discussion board (the resources are there, just unused or not setup by the prof.) so I can't even reach other distance learning students.

Oh well... hopefully this effort sets me up for a better performance in the future assignments. Soon enough I'll know if everyone else had probs with it too.
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