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Data Mining class driving me crazy

Well this is my 2nd semester into my Masters in Comp. Sci. @ Auburn University. I got 2 As last semester (Database 1, and Software Process). This semester I'm taking Data Mining and Human-Computer Interaction.

The Data Mining class is taught by the same professor who taught DB 1, but the class itself is 10 times harder. I understand the concepts so far, but I got my first assignment due by midnight tonight and having tackled so many hurdles I'm finally at the point where I can implement the main algorithm.

In short this assignment is to implement the PRISM classification using Java and an MS Access database. So apart from working on the assignment I've had to overcome an extra learning curve since my Java's a little rusty, and I had to deal with some MS Access quirks

I tried looking around Google and other code search engines for SOMETHING usable but there weren't many, and the ones that I did find were too involved (multiple files being imported with over the top functions and classes) to pick at. On top of that none of the implementations use a database backend so that's an extra curve ball to implement in the pseudo-code we got. Pseudo-code looks so simple; the actual code is huge.

ANYWAY just venting to fellow computer geeks. It doesn't look like the rest of the assignments are gonna be any easier so I better get this or I'll be in a bad position. Oh well, back to work
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