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My morning

1) Wake up. It's dark, it's cold. I decide against going to the gym. The day ALWAYS goes bad when I make that decision.
2) Call Garage because I had forgotten to call the night before. Garage guy lectures me on "Advance Notice". I feel like telling him he's a waste of space and, should go on a diet and get an education
3) Shower, dress, pick up car.
4) Second garage guy lectures me on "advance notice". Apparently these guys love the power trip they get from holding your car hostage. I feel like telling him that I get a power trip from knowing that yesterdays minimum wage hike probably just gave him a 30 percent raise
5) A-shole won't let me Merge on York Avenue so I wind up having to make a left turn from the right lane.
6) I sit and wait on the FDR on-ramp for 15 minutes waiting for the f'n pig to finish writing my ticket.
7) Arrive at the Broome Street entrance to the Holland Tunnel just as Trish Yodice reports an accident INSIDE the Holland Tunnel
8) It's getting hot in the car but I'm not sure why.
9) After not moving for 20 minutes, it's time for my 930 meeting. I dial in to give my intro.
10) I get disconnected and have to dial in again. Everybody laughs at me. If there is a hell in the 3rd world, I hope they all get sent there. At least my car doesn't stink of cheap curry.
11) With my leg suddenly burning, I open the center console to find steam. I'm horrified.

and it's only 1030am now. What's next???
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