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Wheel Spacers

Yesterday my wife got into a little fender bender in our 2011 e90 zcp . The damage is very minor to the back bumper, but since I'm getting it fixed I'm using this as an opportunity to get some other things done I wanted to at the same time (oem exhaust mod, black chrome exhaust tips, repaint hood from previous chips and dings).

I'm interested in wheel spacers, but am not sure if they are a good idea, and if so what is the best size for this car. I don't want any rubbing, but love the more aggressive look when they are pushed out a bit. From what I could find online the common thing seems to be 12mm in the rear and 15mm in the front. I think that config looks great. Will this cause any issues? I don't plan on getting new wheels/suspension at all. I love the zcp wheels and suspension as it is.

I'm buying new lugs because my original ones are a little rusty. Figured if I'm going to go with spacers now is the time so I don't have to buy another set of lugs to fit them. What do you all think? Any opinions/concerns are welcomed!!