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Originally Posted by anelson524 View Post
Not to sure on their 2 BR's, but I had their largest 1 BR I believe it was like an A1 or A2 upper floor plan with a garage and I was at around $1,100/mo. Then I moved in with some friends at the same complex we had a 3 bedroom with garage and we were paying $1,564 for the 3 BR on first floor with tandem garage. So I would expect somewhere between those prices. The location is really the best in my opinion. There is also a nice car wash right there across the road that does hand washes and do a great job.

Would definitely recommend the Villas over the Reserve. They both have the exact same floor plans but the parking at the Reserve is absolutely ridiculous, I lived there many moons ago.
Cool, thanks for the heads up, I called the reserves, but waiting on a respond from them.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Good riddens! Now find someone else to do everything for you!

Is you family staying up here in Killeen?
Bull Butter!, you are not getting away that easy! Still have one unfinished job, harness!

Yeah my family will still be here until the summer.