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Originally Posted by besiktas View Post
I think they lost me when they told me, 3 years ago, that after what they call "negotiations", their final price offer for my M3 order was what they called a "bottom low". however i bought the car from passport literally 5k, freakin 5k, lower than FFX's best offer. Even though bmw FFX is right by my work, i have no trust to those guys, and try to stay away.
I leased an E83 there once. They are owned by a corporate chain (SONIC, maybe) and they play all the games auto dealers like to play about price. I got a fair deal but had to go hard to get it, and they were not honest about their costs and back-end money. Since then I always go to Passport, tell them how much over invoice I'm willing to pay, and get a yes or no answer.

I actually think the service department is pretty good. I quit using them because, when I bought an E83 there, they flat-out promised I would always get free loaners from the service department, but then when the economy slipped a little (and it's not like it really slipped much around here), they got stingy with them. I understand why they did it -- they're in business after all -- but I have options, so they lost a little bit of service business from me. I'm sure their finance guys never noticed, LOL.