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Originally Posted by bblefas View Post
Thanks for your information i will look into it...THe dodo juice is that a new company ? is it real high end stuff? i want aline of products the pros use for a concours car show,,,whether be swissvax zymaol or dodo can u please get me some more info on that dodo juice as to where to call to buy it...u mentioned a dodo product for white cars some companies offer that but then they have something more expensive or better the one for white cars I'm confused !!! i need to do more info...and the klasse glaze or the p21s are those a single item and then u have to buy from other companies certain stuff id rather stick with 1 company for all the products i need from shampoo to polish to wax etc
I think they're a fairly new company, not sure though. Its not high end stuff but its definitely great quality wax. If you want very high end/exclusive wax then Zymol and Swissvax is the only way to go.
I have ordered a bunch of Dodojuice and other detailing stuff from

I know it can get confusing at times because there are soo many options out there. I usually go on Google and research about products I'm interested in and that helps me out alot in making my decision.