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Originally Posted by bblefas View Post
Thanks for your information i will look into it...THe dodo juice is that a new company ? is it real high end stuff? i want aline of products the pros use for a concours car show,,,whether be swissvax zymaol or dodo can u please get me some more info on that dodo juice as to where to call to buy it...u mentioned a dodo product for white cars some companies offer that but then they have something more expensive or better the one for white cars I'm confused !!! i need to do more info...and the klasse glaze or the p21s are those a single item and then u have to buy from other companies certain stuff id rather stick with 1 company for all the products i need from shampoo to polish to wax etc
No offense, but how much detailing experience and knowledge do you have? Many of the pros and seasoned amateur detailers in these forums will tell you that you don't have to or need to buy the most expensive possible chemicals out there to get the best out of your paint. Don't get me wrong, Swissvax and Zymol have expensive products that are worth the money, but just coz it's the most expensive, doesn't technically mean it's the best for you.

As phusion974 stated, it's the preparation of your paint before the application of a wax that's more important. If your paint is full of swirl marks and imperfections, simply washing it and throwing on an expensive wax from Zymol or Swissvax won't make your car shine like a diamond. Detailing to perfection takes a lot of time and patience, if you dont want to spend the money on getting a real professional to do it, then I suggest you do the following at the minimum:

1. Wash the car with these products: Two 5-gallon buckets with Grit Guards, CG Citrus Wash (only for prepping a car for polish), Sheepskin Wash Mit and Waffle Weave Drying Towel
2. Clay the car with Gentle Fine Grade Clay with Dodo Juice Clay Lube
3. Polish the car and depending on the severity of swirls use Meguiars M105 and Meguiars M205 (it's what a lot of people use or Menzerna products). If you don't have one, you'll need a PC Random Orbital buffer with pads.
4. Apply a wax or sealant such as Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax or Menzerna Power Lock or you can spend the big bucks and get something from Zymol or Swissvax.

Also, if you haven't yet, you should checkout the "Ask a Pro" section on They have great articles and tips.

As long as you prep the car and remove the imperfections before applying a last step product, you can purchase something inexpensive like the Dodo Juice Diamond White or P21S Concours Wax and get stunning, jaw dropping results. Detailing is an artform where technique and execution matter more than the products used. Hope this helps you. Congrats on the car and best of luck with the paint!