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Originally Posted by phusion974 View Post
If you want something specifically for white cars I would highly recommend Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax or Dodo Juice light Fantastic Soft Wax. Both are pretty much identical but the hard wax is more durable and is easier to layer over each other.
The soft wax has more gloss to it but sacrifices a little durability.
Cant go wrong with either one.

I would also highly recommend P21S. Very easy to use and wont stain plastic, amazing shine and great durability.

Klasse All In One and Klasse Sealant glaze are also great products.
The sealant glaze is VERY concentrated and will be hard to work with if you put on alot.
If done right, it has incredible durability and shine.

All these products I mentioned will give you the same results as Zymol and Swissvax with less cost.

Always remember, Its proper paint preparation that results in a deep glossy shine when applying wax.
Thanks for your information i will look into it...THe dodo juice is that a new company ? is it real high end stuff? i want aline of products the pros use for a concours car show,,,whether be swissvax zymaol or dodo can u please get me some more info on that dodo juice as to where to call to buy it...u mentioned a dodo product for white cars some companies offer that but then they have something more expensive or better the one for white cars I'm confused !!! i need to do more info...and the klasse glaze or the p21s are those a single item and then u have to buy from other companies certain stuff id rather stick with 1 company for all the products i need from shampoo to polish to wax etc