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Originally Posted by lkw15
Originally Posted by ///Mandy View Post
lkw15, how often do you travel? Has you and your gf discussed if you will continue to be doing this or not?
I travel about 3-5 times, per month, for various durations. Usually, it's one or two days to random states. But its veriable. Some months I travel a bit more (last year I was gone for 22 days straight) and other times I travel once a month, for one night.

We haven't really discussed it, but we also don't have kids yet. I also have a little bit of control over where I go, and when I go. So that might be a big difference.

But in the end, she also knows that I love my job and there is very little chance that I would rethink my career choice to travel a bit less.
I do the same. Married 10 yrs, dated 2 prior. I travel every month for 3-5 days to different states.

Never had a problem. She has nothing to worry about.

She did ask me last month if I had ever cheated on her which I thought was odd. :

I answer honestly and that was the end. Don't know what caused the question but I guess Vegas is one of those places I go monthly for work.

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