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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Oh come on, without aggressive or global laws, in my lifetime, we've got air conditioners that are massively more efficient, cars release a fraction of the total pollutants while being more efficient even on stupid ethanol fuel, jets are hugely more efficient, we don't even have a space program and we've filled massive landfills with recyclables that will probably never be able to be processed.

This shouldn't be all doom and gloom. Look at your available options, buy what you're comfortable with and enjoy it.
I think you are reading more into my posts than you should be, because nowhere have I proclaimed "doom and gloom", nowhere have I said that we need "aggressive or global laws", nowhere have I said that we haven't gotten more efficient. What I have said is that the EV is basically a better delivery system of power, which can come from more varied sources that the ICE, which is purely fossil fuel based.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
But I also take my cars to the track and occasionally drive in a manner that might offend the average Prius driver.
I think you've misunderstood me to be some hippy tree hugging prius driver. I assure you, I am not. I have a F80 M3 that I'd much rather drive at 100mph than my i3 at 65mph. I can both be in favor of the EV movement, and still enjoy ICE cars. I think my biggest problem with the black and white aspects of the ICE vs EV debate is when EV skeptics think the EV is a total waste of time and money and parrot the same arguments that they find on google to argue against it. I'm not saying that this description fits you, by the way.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
all the plastics in those cars, the fluids to make the brakes work and most of the energy to make the physical car are still going to come from petrochemicals.
I'm sorry, I'm missing something. I'm honestly not sure what your argument is or why you are bringing up how many things petrochemicals play a role in. It seems to me, building up how much more we use for more things other than cars would actually be an argument FOR more widespread use of renewables to power the grid that we can charge EVs on so that we can maintain our levels of consuming and producing things that cannot be powered by sources outside of fossil fuels.
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