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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
I would say, again, that the EV is merely a new way to deliver energy to the wheels without an on board fuel tank. Whatever that technology may be in the future that replaces fossil fuel, generating it at strategic locations and delivery to the customer without having to transport solid, liquid, or gas (as in air) seems more efficient.
Some completely back of the envelope calculations:

Fuel at power source-> truck-> car -> motion.
Say the truck averages 500 miles per haul @ 5mpg = 100 gals lost out of 10k gallons delivered = 99% efficient. Double it to be conservative.
Cars internal combustion engine maybe 20% efficient.
Total 19% efficient.

Fuel at source->power plant->transmission lines->charge battery-> battery drives wheels.

From estimates I can find:
Power plant efficiency 35%
Transmission efficiency 92%
Battery charging efficiency 80%
Electric motor efficiency - depends on load, average 60% (generous)

19>15 and we already have everything in place.