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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
No need for being condescending, yes, the S65 motor was not designed to have a supercharger, thank you for that rhetorical question. And yes, it can cause more wear and tear if you don't properly maintain it. I'd rather run a 625 kit than filling it up with e85 without modifying the fuel system. But I think we are in agreement, you need to properly tune your car if you run e85 alone, if you mix a little it won't be an issue, but at that point I doubt you really see much of a difference besides a placebo effect.
I wasn't being condescending, so I apologize if it came across like that. I just found it ironic you were concerned about wear and tear but you were running a s/c, er, that's all. I honestly think it's more than a placebo effect. If the effective octane rating is raised, power is raised, as well.

Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
My main argument was that you shouldn't mix e85 while running a supercharger (a poster here asked that very question). The tune is specifically designed with 93 octane in mind, and at high power kits this becomes very important, especially fuel delivery.
Not true. The very kit you ran has an option for a 91 octane tune.

They request to know the "mimimum octane" rating, not the max. Hence, my statement, you shouldn't run LESS octane, but more isn't an issue.

Additionally, if that were the case, you never addressed my question as to how guys are running race gas/pump gas mixes with the sole purpose of doing the same thing the E85 does.

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