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The game doesn't start at 70, that's bs. People typically say that when they have 3-4 70s and are bored of leveling (how exactly does the game start at 70? You can get to outland, you can do kara, Black Temple?). I've been playing for over 2 years now and i still enjoy it...very few games have been able to keep my interest that long. I have from time-to-time taken a month off or so and that keeps it a little more fresh, and in the mean time, i hop back on the 360. The new expansion pack is full of things to do and areas to explore. The game has a ton of could use a few things here and there, but no game is perfect. If you've played Blizzard games before, Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, you should have some type of an idea how good this game has been put together. Just remember, real-life comes first, the game can easlily suck you in and make you forget about everyday responsibilities. Another thing, just as there are bunch of nice people playing WoW, there are a ton of jackasses also safely sitting behind their computers at home. Have fun and take your time with the game!
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