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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
What part of town are you moving to?

Re: tracks, MVP Track Time ( runs really great events, and most of them are around Chicago. Here are the tracks I've run:

5. Blackhawk Farms – never run it, but I’m not dying to. Looks a little beat-up from the videos and pictures I’ve seen, but what do I know – I’ve never been.

Enjoy the city.
I've ridden this track many times on my motorcycle and it's a great track. But for cars it is a little on narrow side in terms of surface. Any major course corrections may result in at least 2 wheels in the grass.

Road America is a must. Huge, gorgeous track.

And if you are living in the city prepare to pull off any tints and mount a front plate. Chicago (and IL in general) suck for owning nice cars.