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Just to chime in, e9x will certainly follow the path of prior M "analog" M cars, being the last naturally aspirated M3 available without idrive or other BS. Hydraulic steering, you've heard it all.

In 15 years, even cars with >100k, as long as they are unmolested and especially in desirable spec (read: special editions, individual paint, slicktops, single hump dash, etc), with good maintenance history and ownership history (read: not cars that have been passed around 12 owners and sent to auction 3 times) will be appreciating like crazy.

In a world where self driving electric robot mobiles become the norm, cars such as the e9x will be increasingly desirable and exotic. They are proving to be more reliable and well built long term than e46M as well, and currently are changing hands at prices that make the e46M value proposition essentially a joke, especially when you consider the additional neediness those cars have.

In summary, if you have a well taken care of unmolested e9x m3, you can drive it as a weekender and take care of it and it will lose nil value short term and will appreciate long term. It's a win-win car.