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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
No, it's an aerodynamic NIGHTMARE.

The Veyron was introduced by the head of VW before the engineering team had a chance to evaluate it the styling. After he made the claims about 250MPH in public they all freaked out because the thing was a brick. The concept got tweaked, and they still needed 1000Hp and a special low drag mode to meet the target top speed. If you tap the brakes once on the way to 250MPH the spoiler pops up, and you have to stop and insert the key in the door to reactivate it.

This is how I've always felt. Bugatti's only goal was to have the highest top speed in the world. They had to dethrone the McLaren F1 which was almost untouchable for a decade. I do believe the original Veyron only held the record for not even a year. Didn't the Koenigsegg CC8(X) trump them immediately after they broke the F1's record?

I don't understand the argument about the Veyron letting off in the video though. They both have AWD, and the Bugatti weighs substantially more. Shouldn't it have just as much, if not more traction..

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