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These really low ramps so I don't have to jack my car up with the emergency tire change jack in order to get a floor jack under my car. My other ramps I have are too steep and was too much trouble to use since I'd have to go through using shoring in order to lesson the ramp crest.

10 of these 27/led work lights at $2..99 each at Harbor Fright that Amazon wants $7 each for. Really happy with these lights, super bright, magnet to hold it in place if possible or the hook on back to hang or use as a stand. I love seeing what I am doing. I keep two in each car and two in my garage. Really would have been nice if it was rechargeable, but can't argue with the price and the brightness.

Also got this flashlight to keep in my pocket to do inspections at work

Far far brighter than the other flashlight I was using that cost $40. Also, it doesn't feel cheaply made. The body of it is actually metal and not plastic made to look like metal like another one I also bought.

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