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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
I think that people would find it 10 times more unacceptable. When you pay that kind of money, you expect a certain level of quality. For me that's not 100% but close, maybe 95%. In my experience with authentic parts, this has not been an issue. Especially in the M3 market, authentic parts seem to be of particularly good quality. There is a point though where the fitment is so poor that I don't want it on my vehicle regardless of price. This part is beyond that point for me.
I agree that with higher cost you should expect higher quality and anything related to brakes/suspension/drivetrain I would never skimp on or go with an eBay vendor without actual R&D backing it up. That said, for me, I can't justify spending more than $250-300 on a lip this is purely cosmetic and will inevitably get destroyed. I also live in the midwest, we have potholes you could fall into, roads that buckle, driveways into parking lots that the Duke boys would love to launch a General Lee off of... you get my drift.

There is a lot of money spent on mods on this board and I love seeing these threads and the DIY threads that buck the trend of dropping G's on our cars. Doesn't mean I also don't drool over the cars with all the name brand parts!

That said... the big boys charging the big bucks for these cosmetic upgrades are the ones developing them and I'm thankful for that. I'll never be the cool kid on the block as the first one with a VS aero part, I'll always be a few years behind, and I'm ok with that
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