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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
A followup: After numerous discussions with both Forgeline and StopTech, everyone is scratching their heads. Forgeline received and used the correct StopTech template based on my brakes. Forgeline also says they have made numerous sets of 18x10 inch square GA3Rs and ZX3Rs for the E92/E90 M3 and this is the first clearance issue they've had. I sent the wheels back and they remeasured and confirmed that everything is to spec. But they're making good on the guaranteed fitment and building a new set of wheels for me. The offset will be the same, so the wheels sit in the same location relative to fender and strut, but they will add some material to the mounting pad, moving the face of the wheel out for more clearance, while taking some width out of the outer rim shell and adding width to the inner rim shell.

They should be here in a couple of weeks. I'll post another update at that time.
Update as promised: FINALLY got the new GA3Rs in yesterday. Since they had to make all new wheels for me anyway, I changed the finish to matte black centers with polished black rim shells. It will give me a different look from my daily driver ZCP wheels. So they kept the offset the same (18x10 inch square setup ET 27) while moving the wheel centers 12mm toward the wheel face/fender side. They took away 12mm from the outer rim shell width and added 12mm to the inner rim shell width, and the mounting pad is a corresponding 12mm thicker. Since there is more material on the mounting pad, they are probably marginally heavier (maybe 0.5lb per wheel), but the important part is that they now FIT! They clear the front StopTech 380mm/6-piston brakes. Clearance is fine, but there's not a tremendous amount of room--par for the course I would assume for fitting 18-inch wheels to such large brakes. If the wheel balancing weights were taller or in a different position, there might be clearance issues.

I took the car for a spin to Wendy's for lunch, and it felt good. Minimal tramlining. No rubbing on the fender liners that I can tell so far. The Nitto NT-01s make a weird tread noise, but this setup is for the track anyway. Even on local streets at sane speeds I can tell there is more front-end bite. I'm looking forward to comparing them on the track with the stock ZCP setup. Attached are a couple pics--not perfect quality, but you get the idea.
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