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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
Maan, you just opened a can of worms with your original harsh judgmental comment and now with your hypocrisy!! Please don't strengthen the shady idea most people have about policemen being judgmental hypocrites. Let me live believing that most of them are reasonable and level headed.
Which judgmental comment?

I think most officers will let another officer go if the issue was just one of revenue. However, if there was clearly a case of danger (for example DUI, felony etc.), then I would expect (or hope) they would write the ticket. And I think officers know that - otherwise they'd all be driving 100mph on the freeway, running red lights etc. with impunity. Example -

Say a cop let's another one off - so what? Less revenue for the city? It makes your chance of getting a ticket higher? Just make it up on the next person. Shouldn't we each be more concerned about what happens to ourselves rather than if someone else is catching a break and if it's fair or not? I learned a long time ago that life is unfair and just saying so will not make one difference. I hear this all the time (from my kids).

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