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2011 BMW e92 M3  [4.55]
Just dialed in my ride with some coding...

I did some coding earlier today....

  • No Accept - Disable the Navigation "Accept Screen"
  • No Ignition Gong -Suppress GONG when key is in the ignition and the door is open
  • NAV FSS - Enabled NAV Fuel Stop Suggestion
  • Key Fob or CA Window Up - Roll windows up or down with Key Fob or Comfort Access
  • Key Fob or CA Mirror Fold- Fold Mirrors with Key fob locking or Comfort Access
  • Mirror Unfold - Automatically retract mirrors when unlocking the car
  • Window Finish - Allow windows to continue roll up or down with door interruption
  • MDrive DSC off option - Added DSC Off as a menu option for the MDrive button settings
  • Fuel Reserve Threshold - Fuel Reserve Warning at 1/8 tank instead of 1/4 tank or a value between the two

Updates - Added more Bells & Whistles to the Coding Journal

  • Wiper Completion - Windshield Wiper Finishes its cycle when the ignition is turned off
  • Comfort Exit - Doors automatically unlock if locked when the ignition is turned off (No more double pull to open the door)
  • Instant MPG - Actual real time MPG reading on the cluster, cycles after the toggle of the Average MPG reading

  • Video in Motion [VIM] - DVD & iPhone 4 Media Cradle Video in Motion for Both DVD's in the Player and with TV Shows/Movies loaded on the iPhone

  • Seat belt Chime - Turned of the Seatbelt Chime for both the driver and passenger, warning light and CIC message remain.

  • "EURO MDM" - Car has the Euro MDM profile and attributes. DSC is less obtrusive than the US MDM profile.
  • Fuel Reserve - Notification changed to 1/6th or .167 [Previously coded to 1/8th]

  • Lane Change Blinker MOD to 5X - Updated the lane change triple blink 3x to be 5x blinks. Can be configured to be any value between 4x & 7x.
  • 8 Programmable Presets - Updated button cluster to the Euro mode. Now AM/FM the MODE button are user programmable. Not required, but for aesthetics I installed the Euro Buttion Cluster

  • Auto Start/Stop Memory - The Auto Start/Stop button stores its last state. If left on then starts On, If left off then starts Off.

  • BFD - Brake Force Display - Rear LCI brake lights will flash under extreme braking when the ABS is activated.
  • Hazard Lights - Double Blink - Hazard Lights will Double Blink when the ignition is on.

Video Demo of Extreme Brake Force Display set to Flashing

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