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dyno results

The mods on my car prior were
AA filter
AA tune
AA muffler
Gintani cattless xpipe. we all know the gintani has proven gains.

car dyno 352 whp and 272 tq.
the out side temp was 94 degrees and 38 percent humidity.

the mods on the car now are
AA filter
AA muffler
AA tune
American racing headers
American racing catted x pipe.

car dyno 361 whp and 278 tq.

The weather was 99.5 degrees and 39 percent humidity.

so to sum it up the car made more power with the outside temp, hotter, more humidity, and now with a cated x pipe. bellow is the dyno sheet.

car is dct
both dyno were in 4th gear
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