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Many months later this thread shows up on the list again;

Here are my current thoughts. On the track there's a straight away that I always go full throttle on. It's up hill and about half a mile. With the CLK550 that I had I could easily hit 130, but with the M3 6MT that I had now, It's a challenge to get past 124 before having to brake.

See Mercedes Is designed for the autoban so it's super fast in a straight line. As you know there normal non-AMG cars suck in turns and handling.. (an AMG still doesn't have the handling that a normal BMW [non-M] has.) & the BMW as you know will kill the Benz around a track.

With that said up a hill a car with more torque will always win, I proved it going up that hill with both cars. The CLK550 has almost 100 more torques than an M3..

So if you want to crush the benz make sure your driving downhill or on a flat incline.. For example the drag strip that you mentioned.
I hope you're racing a coupe and not a convertible.

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