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What we will learn in/from Geneva

It seems about 99.9% sure the M3 will be in Geneva. The questions now are will it be an M3 "concept" or more a production version or perhaps even CSL (highly doubt that though, BMW needs broad market appeal and CSL does not do that). Keep in mind it is most likely we will NOT get detailed features, specs, stats, price, etc. We will only get a nice unmasked view of the exterior and a few other tid bits, not much else. I'd be willing to bet we don't get weight, REALISTIC performance figures, options nor price info. So if you are holding your breath for such detailed info you should probably forget it. Have a look at what was learned at the M5 "Concept" launch in Geneva back in 2004:

Displacement, approx hp, approx tq, 0-60k < 5s, 0-200k in 13, SMG only, wheel/tire size. THAT'S IT!